Interview – Meet Emma Stevenson & Rachael Yaeger, Founders of [reads], also Your New Bookshelf Curator

Emma Stevenson (Left) and Rachael Yaeger (Right) with their [reads] boxes

May 2017,  Google Hangouts

A few days ago I saw an illustration copy says “I only read sci-fi in kindle cuz that makes me feel futuristic.” In the digital age, physical book seems to be living a precarious life. In reality, there are actually a group of people can’t do digital reading and digital reader are coming back to papers. [reads] is a new book subscription platform that delivers 2 physical books to your door every month in a yellow box. However, you don’t get the chance to judge Read More...

Interview – Founder of AucArt Natasha Arselan on Graduate Art

May 2017, London

I started to notice AucArt on Instagram a few months ago, it’s an emerging auction house exclusively consigning graduate art. The beauty of social media for me is seeing fellow followers’ reactions and debate, an indicator of public awareness and a sense of potential for the platform. I’m always interested in new ventures that are just about to shake the art market. AucArt is the platform I’d love to see grow and maximise to it’s full potential, with already a 4 digit number of followers months prior to launch, it is the only service being built with … Read More...

Painter to Watch – Hernan Bas – Boys Boys Boys

Preferring the out to the indoor night, 2010
Acrylic, airbrush, household gloss and block print on linen
60 × 72 × 2 in
152.4 × 182.9 × 5.1 cm
image via Artsy

First time saw Hernan Bas‘ work in Victoria Miro’s exhibition House Work as above. The gothic background itself has a extremely strong narrative power.

The American painter’s works has a very interesting composition with the figure and the landscape. They are largely about boys in full and rich canvas background. These boys are self exploring themselves, either thinking, wandering or writing. The landscapes are combined with roughness … Read More...

Interview with Knobbly Studio – Israel Independent Design Scene


Knobbly Studio x Laurie Franck

I did 5 piercings in my ears this year (yea, absolutely be addicted to it now.) That’s the reason I started to source for unique jewellery design and that’s how I found Knobbly Studio. As a big Matisse fan, I was instantly drawn into Gittit’s design. I was actually thought she might be based in either Paris or LA. But it turned out that she is from and based in Israel. She took me virtually through the experience of Israel design. For someone who has never been to Israel, I was really surprised … Read More...

Painter to Watch – Jonathan Gardner


First time in Sadie Coles HQ’s “A Painting Show” in 2015 June, then it was a few days later in Liste, one of Art Basel’s satellite show, that I saw Jonathan Gardner’ work again. It was an oil painting of a girl’s back with the lighting smoke cloud. I was instantly remembered it must be the same painter I saw in Sadie Coles. The way he applied to the figure and the object almost makes painting like a collage.

From “A Painting Show” in Sadie Coles 2015 June. Photo via Elephant Magazine.

Took in 2015 Liste: The Young Art …